Commercial Real Estate 101 

Technology is Keeping Bodies in Brick and Mortar: Here’s How

Cutting-edge technology is essential for big-brands who want their retail empires to continue to succeed and outpace competitors in today’s (and probably tomorrow’s) retail landscape. E-commerce has created a shift in consumer wants and behaviors towards retail, however, the right technology can feed into those wants and positive behaviors. Here are three important ways technology is changing brick-and-mortar for the future. Tech experiences are bringing something to the table that shopping online can’t. Experiences are one thing that physical stores have, that online ones don’t. Technology that helps you choose…

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Trendspotting: 4 Must-Watch Trends in Commercial Real Estate

Do you think you know what’s coming around the corner in Commercial Real Estate? The Urban Land Institute or ULI just released its Emerging Trends Report for 2017. These are the biggest trends to hit the real estate market and promise to impact the way agents do business in the next twelve months. Some of these trends have been forming for a while and will become more pronounced in the years to come, while others are relatively new to the real estate space. Regardless of your role in the real estate…

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