Five Reasons CRE Investors Should Choose Columbus

These days, investors are loving the Central Ohio real estate market. Once overlooked, Columbus has emerged as a solid investment choice. Columbus attracts both businesses and talent alike, offering investors opportunities in every market sector. With that said, here are five reasons, why as an investor, you should take a closer look at Columbus! 1. We Have the Workforce. The Central Ohio region, which consists of eleven counties, has 52 colleges and universities, including The Ohio State University, and produces approximately 22,000 college graduates annually. The region is home to…

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Commercial Real Estate 101 

6 Trends in Property Management

Let’s look at the various trends we will be keeping an eye out for in 2019, and how they can amp up your success in the new year. Retention In 2019 it will be incredibly pivotal to retain management that is long-term and consistent. This creates the capability for management to get to know the property and its tenants and provide the best possible results. With rental rates projected to plateau in 2019-2020, it will be key for management to maintain peak operating performances, mitigate vacancies and control expenses so…

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