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Technology is Keeping Bodies in Brick and Mortar: Here’s How

Cutting-edge technology is essential for big-brands who want their retail empires to continue to succeed and outpace competitors in today’s (and probably tomorrow’s) retail landscape. E-commerce has created a shift in consumer wants and behaviors towards retail, however, the right technology can feed into those wants and positive behaviors.

Here are three important ways technology is changing brick-and-mortar for the future.

Tech experiences are bringing something to the table that shopping online can’t.

Experiences are one thing that physical stores have, that online ones don’t. Technology that helps you choose the right color make-up, like that at Sephora, to smart mirrors that help you compare what you look like in different outfits are just a few of the new technology initiatives that are aiming to revolutionize retail. Marketing Land also reports that unparalleled design through technology is a way that physical stores will get customers into stores.

“We’re likely to see retail design aesthetics increasingly optimized for reinforcing brands. Physical stores and storefronts will be compelled to reflect their branding for better consistency across all channels — from social to web to mobile to the store itself.”

Technology is trying to solve problems in stores.

To do away with the problems of “lack of right sizes, bad lighting, dressing rooms with piles of discarded clothing” etc.,“ In 2014, designer Rebecca Minkoff partnered with eBay to create a new “connected store” in San Francisco. A 122-inch interactive wall allows customers to browse and request specific items be sent to their fitting room. A text message notifies them that the room is ready,” reports the San Francisco Chronicle – and that’s just one example. Many retailers are looking to technology to solve check-out and other common problems that consumers face during their shopping experience.

Technology is attempting to encode the ever elusive world of customer emotions.

Customer emotions towards their shopping experiences have been somewhat unable to track until now. Walmart is leading the way with this technology. The mega-retailer is using video technology that will capture and analyze the facial expressions of customers at check-out, in attempt to understand their level of satisfaction when they leave the store. There is also technology that works the same way being integrated into displays to monitor customer reactions to products, more on that can be found here.


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