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Three Ways to Use Instagram for Commercial Real Estate

Wondering how social media and in general, Instagram can work for your business? Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media sites, mainly because it is image driven instead of word driven. Here are three ways to make Instagram your new favorite social media site:

  1. Showcase your listing. Duh. Of course, this is the first reason. But, you can make it more fun than just posting a bland photo. Instead, create an Instagram Story by taking 1 photo of the inside, a boomerang (this is a .gif that quickly moves forward and backward), and or a video of the location. After that, take 1 amazing photo of the outside, post it to your Instagram and tease the Instagram story by telling people “Watch our story for more information about 123 Main Street”. Don’t forget to tag the city where you are, and hashtag things like #CRE #Retail #asseenincolumbus, etc.
  2. Showcase your Brand or Office. Allow people a glimpse of your office, event or people. You can allow a broker to “take over” the company account for a day. Or create an event with clients and make sure to take videos or photos throughout the night. This helps people understand your culture and gives them warm and fuzzies….people like working with people they know and trust!
  3. Create an Instagram or social media contest. Recently, NAI Earle Fulmann had a “show us our sign contest” where people took photos of themselves with the company’s real estate signs around the city. You then had to post it to social media and use a special hashtag set up for the contest. Each week, a winner won a tablet, amazon echo dot, or other various prizes. Great idea and creates more followers and a buzz around your brand!

There are a ton of ways to start utilizing social media for your Commercial Real Estate company or team…what are you going to do to make yourself stand out?

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