Client Spotlight: Columbus Oncology and Hematology

Columbus Oncology and Hematology is dedicated to providing compassionate, quality care to its patients who have received a cancer diagnosis. It is an organization that makes every effort to make the devastating diagnosis a little bit easier to bear by removing obstacles for patients so that they can focus on getting well.

From their state-of-the-art facilities and services to something as simple as moving away from a menu-driven phone system and instead, ensuring a patient experience team member answers each call and personally helps to direct it to avoid additional stress and frustration – it’s all about supporting patients as they “walk the journey,” explains Executive Director, Debbie Westkamp.

“It’s about living, it’s about how to live, and focusing on the gift of time,” she added.

As patients enter the facility, one of their first interactions is with a patient services navigator who aims to ease anxiety by personally orienting them to their surroundings. The tour starts by showing them what a patient room looks like and includes introductions to the entire patient care team. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way in creating a sense of comfort.

The pharmacy team provides education and support for medications and takes a holistic approach to manage their side effects. There is also help available to aid patients as they navigate patient assistance programs that manage the cost of medication and treatment; and services such as look and feel-good classes aim to restore confidence.

The staff at Columbus Oncology and Hematology have gone to great lengths to provide care that is personalized to each patient’s needs and NAI Ohio Equities’ property management and maintenance team has become a seamless extension of that care.

“What differentiates Ohio Equities’ property management services is that they’re passionate about our patients. They understand our patients come first and do whatever it takes to ensure we can deliver safe quality care,” said Westkamp.

Dave Wakeman, Senior Property Manager for Columbus Oncology & Hematology