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Space: the Not-So-New Amenity Everyone Wants

Commercial real estate trends are always adapting. The best-selling features of today aren’t always the same ones we’ll see tomorrow. In this business, keeping up with the latest requires due diligence into the market’s hottest items. The ebbs and flows of tenant demands make it imperative for CRE pros to stay abreast of what’s selling and what’s not. Right now, a new trend is emerging on the radar of real estate development. No, it’s not a new technology or lifestyle toy – it’s space. Space has always been a popular…

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Commercial Real Estate 101 

Thinking About Investing in an Opportunity Zone? Consider This First

Opportunity Zones is a new buzzworthy concept that has investors’ interest piqued. Areas of the country that have been left behind after the Great Recession have been deemed Opportunity Zones and are now getting a refresh with private capital and development. Now that we have established what Opportunity Zones are, what makes them so attractive to investors? Investing in Opportunity Zones offers federal tax incentives for realizing the capital gains into the opportunity funds,which are used to propel business and commercial real estate development in thelow-income areas that have been…

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