Post-COVID Trends In Healthcare & MOB Properties

Our office gained some serious momentum in March, closing 29 commercial transactions for the month. These transactions included a significant number of medical office buildings (MOBs) so we thought we’d take this opportunity to take a closer look at these notoriously stable assets and ask our experts what they are seeing post-COVID in the sector, and the trends we can expect to see in 2022. Emphasis on Healthy Buildings It’s no surprise that as we emerge from a pandemic, medical office building trends would include an emphasis on “healthy” buildings.…

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Commercial Real Estate 101 

Things to Watch in the Medical Office Space

At the introduction of the pandemic, there was much talk circulating the industry regarding the medical space. This was a natural response to a health-centric global crisis, and as all eyes fell on CRE’s medical sector, it was still a time of great uncertainty. During the early months of COVID when nobody knew how intense the stakes may get or how long it all would last, medical office tenants were planning to expand their ground presence while simultaneously flexing their digital capacities. But, it’s been months, and the conversation has…

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