Commercial Real Estate 101 

3 Ways Brokers Can Protect Their Data

It’s 2021 and nothing is more valuable than data. In today’s world of business, data is gold. For commercial real estate, data has been playing an imperative role in shaping successful strategies. From small boutique brokerages to global firms, being data-driven is a must to keep pace with the industry’s contemporary movements. When it comes to data, the most important thing is knowing how to properly leverage the information. Having data is necessary, but the value of data depends on how it’s used. As businesses strive to better flex their…

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Sustainability and CRE: 4 Things to Keep Your Eye On

When asked about sustainability, most people immediately think of energy consumption and savings. However, energy is just one small component of sustainability. Sustainability is an overarching spectrum — and while it’s true that focusing on the regulation of energy is a necessary piece of the puzzle, as it impacts the overall operating cost on a daily basis, it’s important to remember to pay attention to the other pieces, as well.   Let’s take a closer look at sustainability as it pertains to CRE and these 4 trends to keep your…

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