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Trending Fitness Concepts Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

From indoor climbing gyms to ping-pong clubs and ballet studios, there has been a big push for unique “fitness concepts” in recent years in vacant shopping centers and malls. We expect this trend to continue into 2018 and beyond with a variety of new fitness concept trends coming to a neighborhood near you.

Charlotte Country Club, Fitness Center, and Resort In-One

In Charlotte, unique fitness concepts aretaking over the city. One fitness concept in particular just opened at the end of last year called Life Time Athletic. The builders call it a gym, resort, and country club all in one spanning across the 320K square foot center. It offers group fitness, personal coaches, and sports courts along the 24-acre campus.

It has a relaxing resort-style spa, an on-site café, and is open every day of the week. Life Time Athletic is just one example of the many fitness concept centers coming to the city. Celebrities who are famous for their fitness concepts are teaching classes, fitness centers are building healthy eateries inside the gym, and unique concepts like customized workouts based on DNA are just a sample of the trends in fitness coming to NC.

A Modern Day Texas Saloon Plus Boutique Fitness Center

As malls go through another evolution, the centers that housed them are causing developers and owners to come up with new ways to bring in foot traffic. In Texas, a “modern Texas saloon” built complete with cafes, workspaces, artist showcases, and retail shops galore is including new boutique fitness concept centers.

With a focus on the total experience beyond and before the workout, Victory Park has attracted fitness superstar Chad Rookstool’s yoga and salon concepts, Joanna Czech, plus famous Classic Pilateswith more new fitness concepts to come.

Popular Stretching Fitness Concept is Going Nationwide

In L.A., StretchLab has watched their stretching fitness concept spread like wildfire. Now a franchise, the boutique fitness brand is going nationwide. Like many of the new fitness concepts, StretchLab found their niche in a new workout concept. Touting the ability for people of all body types, sizes, fitness levels, sexes, and ages to do stretch fitness, the concept uses assistedstretching techniques to reach a deeper stretch that decreases pain over thelong term and increases flexibility.

Unique Fitness Filling Important Gaps in Brick-and-Mortar Vacancies

In an effort to counter e-commerce drawing foot traffic away from brick-and-mortar, unique fitness concepts are helping to fill the gaps created by recent vacancies. The goal is to attract businesses that offer something that can’t be replicated by online retailers. That includes a variety of fitness concepts all within the same center or mixing in some of the new trendy concepts into revamped experiential malls.

Fitness Concepts Yet to Be Seen!

Everyone has heard of Pilates and CycleBar but not many know that it is one company that has been pushing many of the top fitness concepts over the last 25 years. Xponential is pouring more money into franchising fitness concept brands like StretchLab. Expect more fitness concepts to come.

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