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Move Over Millennials, Let’s Look at Gen Z

It seems like all the talk has been about millennials recently, but there is a new generation coming up that is surely going to shake things up, from how we live to how we work and have fun. Let’s take a deep dive into everything Gen Z and how they are mixing things up in business.

Gen Z Grew Up with Smartphones

While millennials may have grown up being glued to their televisions, Gen Z certainly grew up with the use of smartphones on a constant basis. Brands have started to notice this and shift their marketing efforts to social media rather than television campaigns. This younger generation isn’t watching television as much as using their mobile platforms. When Gen Z think about communicating a message, the first place they go is their phones.

Gen Z Wants to Change the World Through Their Careers

Sixty percent of Gen Z want a career that impacts the world for the better. As Gen Z enters the workforce, companies will need to start taking on a new perspective for how they run their businesses. It isn’t enough to send out a “good message.” Companies will need to make greater effort to be more charitable and show how their efforts are positively impacting the community.

They Want More Face-To-Face Interactions

There is a common misconception that because Gen Z is so technologically advanced that they prefer to communicate through their phones, but this isn’t true according to the “Gen Z & Millennials Collide @ Work” report by Future Workplace. Research showed that Gen Z prefers communicating with co-workers and managers in-person rather than by phone or email.

Greater Work-Life Balance is a Must

Gen Z wants a solid work-life balance and also wants plenty of career advancement opportunity. Many Gen Z say that work-life balance is more important than a higher salary. With growing up in a technologically-driven environment it is easy for this generation to blur the boundaries between work and home. They understand that they do not need to be at their desk to accomplish things for work. They do not want to sacrifice work or personal life to accommodate each other.

They Thrive on Communication and Collaboration

For Gen Z, it isn’t about the flashy perks or amazing corporate campuses, it is about whether a company can offer flexibility, growth and career development through communication and collaboration. Communication is highly important to this generation and Gen Z is looking to work in a flexible and tech-enabled environment where they can embrace people of all backgrounds with all different types of personalities and work styles.

Millennials have certainly changed the way we work, live and play, but Gen Z is on its way up to continue to change these things in even bigger ways. They want to be able to have a fulfilling career without being stuck in an office and even more so, they want to positively impact the world through their careers.

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