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Four Big Retail Trends

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Retailers are pulling out all the stops in 2017 to attract new customers and keep existing customers coming to their brick-and-mortar retail locations. New and innovative marketing ideas are going to flood consumers email boxes in 2017, as retailers try to catch up with online businesses, such as who have already mastered this approach to direct marketing the consumer. Traditional retailers have to catch up in terms of marketing to consumers, but their locations also must attract today’s modern consumer in terms of offering the best price and selection options.

Here are a few of the big retail trends we’re watching …

Retailers will offer food and alcohol

Many places have begun to offer incentives such as free food and alcohol to shoppers that come into the store. As long as the alcohol is provided for free, the retailer is free to hand out a glass of wine to customers who are shopping. This trend is already happening in California and New York City. In some flagship stores in Manhattan, they are offering full Italian meals and fancy drinks to their loyal shoppers.

Beacon technologies will help shoppers find what they need

Beacon technology is fairly new and not many retailers use it yet. It’s ideal for people that are shopping in the store that are using their cell phone to find the best deals. Beacon technologies use a low-energy Bluetooth signal to send the coupons and other information to shoppers as they walk by the product in the store. It’s considered a more personal approach to shopping since it allows the shopper to find deals on items they are immediately in front of.

Retailers will use mobile phones more than ever to market to consumers

Retailers are finding more creative ways to stay in contact with their customers by using apps, websites, and text messages to let customers know about special offers and deals. Consumers prefer a more convenient retail experience. Retail companies that have adjusted to this change have maintained steady and strong growth in the last few years. Look for retail to all retailers to offer special apps and technology to attract consumers to be loyal to their brand or retail location.

Stores are becoming more of a media channel

Retailers are using online media to stay in touch with consumers and they use social media, online marketing and mobile messaging to provide a direct path to consumers wanting to purchase from their brand.  Consumers are looking for a brand that they can feel is in touch with their lifestyle, and so retailers are making adjustments so they can attract consumers that are looking for a quicker and more convenient way to shop.

Retailers are re-evaluating their strategies in 2017 on how they can attract more shoppers to their locations or to their websites. The new trend seems to point towards personalization, convenience and smarter data. This information allows the retailer to market directly to the consumer exactly what they’re looking for and ship it to them in the least amount of time possible.

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