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Space: the Not-So-New Amenity Everyone Wants

Commercial real estate trends are always adapting. The best-selling features of today aren’t always the same ones we’ll see tomorrow. In this business, keeping up with the latest requires due diligence into the market’s hottest items. The ebbs and flows of tenant demands make it imperative for CRE pros to stay abreast of what’s selling and what’s not. Right now, a new trend is emerging on the radar of real estate development. No, it’s not a new technology or lifestyle toy – it’s space. Space has always been a popular…

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November Transaction Sheet

November was another busy month for NAI Ohio Equities. Our office closed on a record number of industrial buildings, both sales and leases. The Central Ohio Commercial Real Estate market continues to be a great market for both small businesses and larger corporations. Get in touch with us if you need an opinion of value on your commercial space!

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