NAI Ohio Equities’ Own Santa Claus

NAI Ohio Equities has their very own Santa Claus in Maintenance and Facilities Engineer Michael Jennings. Jennings, who has worked for NAI Ohio Equities for over 10 years and has been involved in the North Linden Toy Run for just as long. The North Linden Toy Run works in direct affiliation with the Feddersen Rec Center in North Linden, an underprivileged section of Columbus. “The rec center will send out requests to all the local area schools to the children that may be less than privileged during this time of year,” explains…

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Commercial Real Estate 101 

4 Ways that Driverless Cars Could Impact the CRE Industry

Companies ranging from the big automakers in Detroit to tech firms in Silicon Valley are pouring research dollars into driverless cars, and this development is projected to completely change the future of commercial real estate. This transition creates opportunities for new investment as well as challenges for existing properties. Demand for parking The biggest effect of driverless cars will be a reduction in demand for parking. As cars become fully autonomous, passengers can be dropped off at their final destination and continue to pick up other passengers or park themselves…

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