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Industrial Property Team

605 S Front Street, Suite 200 | Columbus, Ohio 43215

Columbus, Ohio 43215

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614-397-4877 mobile

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Matthew’s primary real estate focus is in the industrial sector, specializing in sales and leasing. He has been a licensed real estate professional since 2005 and attributes his success to being straight-forward and completely transparent with his clients. With industrial real estate as his main focus, Matthew has developed expert marketing knowledge of what is demanded in today’s marketplace.

Matthew aligns himself with each client’s values, putting himself in their shoes in order to serve them wholeheartedly. His approach to every transaction is to fully understand and assess his client’s needs, point of view and pain points, and then provides viable alternatives as well as the tools to make an informed real estate decision.

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What do you like most about Commercial Real Estate?

The people and relationships. Everyone thinks we are just in sales, however, that is not entirely true. Yes, sales are a part of the business, however the people and relationships are far more important than the next sale. Getting to know my clients and what their problems are, what their motivation is, and what their pain points are allow me to fully understand their needs and deliver successful results. The relationships that I have been able to make in this industry are irreplaceable. Conversations I have with my clients, peers, lenders, or appraisers tend to be 10% business and 90% catching up on each other’s lives or relationship building.

Describe a memorable transaction.

The sale of 800-830 Distribution Drive. 800-830 Distribution Drive was the first industrial property and industrial owner I ever worked for; the original assignment was to lease a 7,200 SF space. During my first showing there I remember walking through the space in the dark using my flip phone as a light to find the breaker box, flipped the breakers for the lights and there was the sweet sound of the buzzing Metal Halide lighting. I leased that space, and over the next 10 years I re-leased that space twice more, and also leased the other 52,800 SF in those buildings multiple times over. I discussed selling the building with the owner many times over the years and finally in 2016 it was time. We put the building in contract three times, twice it fell out and finally the third time it sold. My client (Jerry) was the first industrial owner I had ever worked for and we had developed a decade long relationship, so when it was time to sell it was a bit bittersweet. If you’d like to read more about this deal, visit my blog post.

Why did you decide to make Central Ohio your home?

My move to Columbus was supposed to be temporary, however after living here for a couple months and seeing the growth potential, I decided to stay. Growing up outside of Cleveland was fine, however, in the early 2000s my hometown was headed downward and Columbus upward. It was a new city with a ton of energy and excitement I did not see back home, and those trends have continued and I believe will continue for a while.

What is your favorite area of Central Ohio?

My favorite area is where I currently live: Alexandria. It is one of the few remaining one-stoplight towns left in our ever-growing region. It is a quiet little country town where all the businesses are local and they know who you are when you walk in the door. Everyone takes great pride in the area, whether your family has lived there 100 years or, like us, moved there to get out of the city.

Where do you like to vacation?

Tennessee – On one side you can visit the mountains, hike, see wildlife and spend time in nature, and on the other side there is Nashville, which is a super cool city with lots to do. It is also an easy drive from Columbus and there is something for everyone in the family to do.

What’s a favorite pastime you enjoy?

Spending time with my family is absolutely the best part of any day! My wife and two daughters keep me going on a daily basis and anytime with them is cherished.

Who are your favorite sports teams?

Stewart Hass Racing. I have been a Tony Stewart fan since day 1, and now that he is retired, I’m a fan of any driver that races for his team.

What is your favorite hidden gem in Columbus?

With the internet and sites like Columbus Underground, it’s hard to say there are any hidden gems left in Columbus. However, in Alexandria we have a little bar/restaurant called the Hawks Nest that serves beer and wine only and the food isn’t that good, but its close and the people are great.

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Axiom Precision

"We were looking for a very popular building in a very tight market and with the fast response time and market knowledge, the Industrial Property Team at NAI Ohio Equities were able to assist us in finding the perfect building."

Todd Damon, President

HF Group

"NAI-OE and Matt Osowski were extremely patient, helpful and determined to find us the right location and landlord for our special project. The unique requirements and specifications for our space meant that the number of available sites were limited, Matt was never deterred in his efforts and I can’t thank him and NAI enough!"

Jay Fairfield, Chairman & CEO

Honda Logistics

"We have worked with the Industrial Property Team since 2012 and they have helped negotiate two new leases. Each time they understood our need to be in a specific geographic area and knew there were limited options that would fit our requirement. They completed an extensive search, organized the data, and prepared it so it was easy for me to review. Once a building was chosen, they assisted in the lease negotiation. Their market knowledge is invaluable and key to us feeling confident in our decisions. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone with industrial needs in the area."

Mollie Elliot, Lead Buyer

The Meritex Company

"I have had the great fortune to work with Matt Osowski as our leasing agent at several properties in Columbus, Ohio. Because of his tenacity, hard work and understanding of our product type and tenants, we achieved 100% occupancy in this market."

Jill Evans, Portfolio Manager

Hackman Capital Partners

"The NAI Ohio Equities Industrial Team has done an excellent job for us. After purchasing Southeast Industrial Park, our goal has been to sell the buildings individually. Their team has clearly communicated our objectives to the brokerage community and end users. Through an aggressive marketing effort they have been able to sell 13 of the 18 buildings in the park. We appreciate their determined and honest approach to business."

Ben Struewing, VP - Leasing, Sales, & Acquisitions

Hyperlogistics Group

"We wanted to express our thanks to the Industrial Property Team for their excellent service over the past 15 years. The Industrial Property Team have consistently understood our business and its challenges. Whether it is helping to locate a short term warehouse space or assisting in selling our buildings, their dedication to representing our best interests has always been appreciated. We have asked the Industrial Property Team to do a little of everything over the years and the Industrial Property Team have treated each assignment with equal importance. From leasing 20,000 SF on a month-to month basis or selling our 340,000 SF Class A building. Their commitment, determination and market knowledge allowed us to achieve our goals.

One of their most important traits is their honesty. It is difficult in these times to maintain a moral compass. Theirs is fine-tuned and on the mark all the time. When we combine this trait with their loyalty, it sets the Industrial Property Team head and shoulders above all others. My business partner and I really appreciated all of their good work and dependability.

We truly enjoy working with the Industrial Property Team and would highly recommend the Industrial Property Team to anyone with warehouse needs in the Central Ohio area or other parts of the country."

Seatta "Sean" Layland & Geoffrey D. Manack, Owners

Kenda Tires

"As we wrap up our year and begin to think about the calendar year 2016, I would like to again sincerely thank the Industrial Property Team for their excellent service over the last 17 plus years. Over this period of time, the Industrial Property Team have represented us with several building acquisitions, both in Ohio and across the country, and with each new project, the Industrial Property Team have always taken the time to understand our thoughts and negotiate with our interests in mind. Honestly, it is very comforting to work with someone you can trust and who works so hard to achieve the goals we target. I sincerely appreciate the partnership and drive the Industrial Property Team bring with each new project.

Please also know that without question, I would highly recommend the Industrial Property Team to anyone looking to complete a real estate project anywhere in the country."

P. Jeffrey Pizzola, Group CFO & COO

2770/2790 Thunderhawk Ct

"Mathew Osowski acted as a buyer agent for our commercial flex space purpose. As an investor, I appreciated Matt's insight to assure that I did not overlook anything and that I went into the investment with as much information as possible."

Kevin O'Conner

Case Studies

Top Transactions

  • Inno-Pak | 54,430 SF | 1932 Pittsburgh Dr (Sale-Leaseback)
  • Meritex Columbus | 43,750 SF | 2199-2201 Dividend Dr (Lease)
  • Shipping Tree | 39,235 SF | 4720 Poth Rd (Lease)
  • Gatehouse Media Ohio Holdings II, Inc. | 8.5 Acres | 0 Crosswind Dr (Sale)
  • WTOL, LLC | 164,450 SF | 555 Yearling Rd (Sale)
  • Wells Fargo Bank | 141,447 SF | 4051 Fondorf (Sale)
  • FST Logistics | 324,000 | 3280 South Park Pl (Lease)
  • Columbus 2 LLC | 134,282 SF | 2400-2410 McGaw Rd (Sale)
  • Shasta Beverages, Inc. | 351,228 SF | 3219 Rohr Rd (Lease)
  • FST Logistics | 356,000 | 5400 Renner Rd & 1727 Georgesville Rd (Sale-Leaseback)


Society of Office & Industrial Realtors (SIOR)
National Association of REALTORS®
Ohio Association of REALTORS®
Columbus REALTORS®
Columbus Commercial Industrial Investment Realtors (CCIIR), Member, Past President
CORPAC Major Investor
CORPAC, Past Co-Vice Chair
Columbus REALTORS® Young Professionals Network, Committee Member, Past Chair
Columbus REALTORS®, Co-Vice Chair for Realtor Care Day
SIOR Ohio Chapter, Admissions Chair

Top Clients

FST Logistics
SB Capital Group
Continental Auto Parts
Kenda Tires
The Hollingsworth Companies
Schottenstein Property Group
Hackman Capital Partners
Honda Logistics North America
Hyperlogistics Group
Axiom Precision